Lockdown extended till May 31


New Delhi (UNI)

As the ongoing lockdown has been extended up to May 31, the Centre on Sunday evening issued new guidelines authorizing States and Union Territories to categorize Red, Green and Orange zones taking into consideration the parameters shared by the Health Ministry.

“The zones can be a district, or a municipal corporation/ municipality or even smaller administrative units such as sub-divisions,, as decided by States and UTs”, the new guidelines read. Inside the red/orange zones, containment and buffer zones will be identified by the district administration/local urban bodies with technical inputs at local level and by taking into consideration the Health Ministry guidelines.

Within the containment zones, strict perimeter control shall be maintained, and no movement of persons would be allowed, except for medical emergencies and for maintaining supply of essential goods and services. Buffer zones are areas around each containment zone, where new cases are more likely to appear. In the buffer zones, more caution needs to be exercised. The guidelines also said that delineation of Red,

Orange and Green zones will also be decided by the respective States and UTs Government. The movement of Individuals shall remain strictly prohibited between & PM to & AM Earlier today, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu joined Punjab and Mizoram in extending the lockdown till May 31. Telangana has already extended it till May 29. Karnataka became the third southern state to extend the lockdown. However, unlike other states, Karnataka has extended it only for two more days till May 19. The government officials clarified that all orders in force from May 4 will continue.


What will remain closed till 31 May?

- International and domestic passenger flights will remain closed. Metro rail also will not start now.

- Cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters, auditoriums, assembly halls will remain closed.

- Schools, colleges, education, training, coaching institutes will also remain closed till 31 May. Online distance learning will continue.

- Hotels and bars will remain closed.

- All types of political, religious, cultural, social programmes and gatherings will continue to be banned.


What will be open

- If there is a mutual agreement between the state governments, then there will be movement of passenger buses and trains between the two states.

- Governments will be able to start buses within the states by deciding at their level.

- Sports complexes and stadiums will be open, but spectators will not be allowed.

- From restaurants, you will be able to order food for home delivery only. Home delivery restaurants have been allowed to start the kitchen.

- Only the hotels where health, police, government officials, health workers and tourists stranded due to lockdown are staying.

- Canteen running at the bus depot and food shops running at railway stations and airports will be open.


States will decide Green, Orange and Red zones

- The state governments themselves will decide the Green Zone, Orange Zone and Red Zone. They just have to take care of the parameters of the Central Government and the Ministry of Health.

- District administration will decide the Containment Zone and Buffer Zone inside the Red and Orange Zone.

- Only the essential services will continue in the Containment Zone as before.

- There should be strict adherence to no movement of people inside or outside these zones.

- Contact tracing and door-todoor surveillance will have to be increased inside the Containment Zone. 


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