Mahashivaratri- limited visitors will get permission to visit Mahakal temple



                    = Number of devotees will be up to 25 thousand 

Ujjain-Keeping in view the circumstances arising out of the global epidemic Covid 19, it has been decided to limit the number of visitors to Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh to 25 thousand. In Mahakaleshwar temple, the marriage festival of Lord Shiva is celebrated in a grand manner on Mahashivaratri festival for 9 days.
 During this time the temple is decorated as a marriage pavilion. This year, on the Mahashivaratri festival celebrated on March 11 in the temple, visitors will be able to have Darshan (Visit) by booking online. According to official information, online booking can be done on Mahakaleshwar temple website and toll free number. Online booking is started now.
Collector and President Mahakaleshwar Temple Management Committee Ashish Singh said that after registering at the scheduled time by online booking, the visitors will have to come to the Mahakal temple premises. Where the mobile number and registration will be verified, the visitors will be given entry to the temple for darshan. In any case, admission of visitors will not be possible without prior registration or pre booking. The Collector has called upon the visitors to come to the temple premises only after pre booking.

-Pre-booking required
Temple managing committee administrator Narendra Suryavanshi said that on March 11, thousands of devotees visit the Mahakaleshwar temple every year. But this time the number of visitors has been limited in view of the circumstances arising out of Covid 19. He has urged the devotees and local devotees from all over the country to come only after pre booking. He informed that on the day of Mahashivratri, visitors will be given entry from the Char Dham temple.