Make people aware of vaccination by writing poetry in temples 


                     Vaccination poetry was written in trucks earlier
                       Poetry will be written in all religious places

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
To win the battle of corona virus in the capital Bhopal, people are being made aware of vaccination in different ways. The Search and Research Development Society, in association with the district administration, is making people aware about vaccination by writing poetry at temples and other religious places in the city. Before this, they were making people aware about vaccination by writing poetry on the back of trucks, which is discussed in the whole country.
They believe that there have been centers of faith and knowledge since ancient times. Faith in God gives positivity to the devotee. We often remember the things written in these temples. And we always remember the message given through them. Usually, some kind of message, sentence or hymn is definitely written in every religious place, so poetry is being written in temples.
= Society's President Dr. Monica Jain said that on Monday, we wrote poems focused on Covid-compliant behavior and vaccination and put up stickers, posters and banners inside and outside the city's major temples. In this, an appeal has been made to the people coming to the temple to get the vaccine done in a very interesting and attractive way. The poems written in the temples have been written in a new way. The priests of the temple and the people, who came, called it a very meaningful effort of public awareness. She said that people believe and follow the things written in the temple.
These poems were written
“Ham badalenge, yug badalega. 
Teeka lagao, hal nikalega.” 
“Mandir mein daan petee mein hee daalen. 
Isse pahale Corona ka teeka lagava len.”
“Subah-subah len, prabhu ka naam. 
Teeka lagaakar, karen shubh kaam.”
“Beta jo bulae maan ko aana chaahie. 
Bachchon kee khaatir teeka lagavaana chaahie.” 
“Aaa maan aa tujhe dil ne pukaara 
Corona se bachane ka, vaccine hai sahaara.” 
“Maata raanee phal degee
Teeka lagao achchha kal degee.”