Martyrdom of farmers will not go in vain


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal-Former Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh said that farmers from all over the country have been agitating for several days in cold and rainy days for the withdrawal of the three black agricultural laws brought by Modi. But Modi listens to big industrialists like Adani-Ambani, not farmers and labourers. He has kicked the farmers in the stomach. When kicked on the stomach then anger becomes more dangerous.

Singh said I am confident that the martyrdom of farmers will not go in vain. If not today or tomorrow, they will definitely get their rights because there is complete India with the peasant brothers. Ajay Singh was addressing a rally of farmers in the Halla Bol movement organized in Satna to end the anti-farmer laws of the central government.

He said that the Modi government has brought the whole of India back to slavery by bringing agricultural laws. There was a time when the farmers used to sweat in the field but the East India Company and the British used to benefit. The country was liberated. Earlier we fought against the British rule and today the farmers are losing their lives for freedom from the black laws.