May recorded 96825 fresh COVID infections


New Delhi, (UNI)

With a rapid rise in the positive cases of Novel Coronavirus across the country, 96,825 infections have been reported alone in the month of May so far. 

According to the Health Ministry, as on the morning of May 1, the total count of the infections pan India was 35043, whereas on May 24 in just a matter of 23 days, 96825 cases have come up. 

For the past five days, there have been around 6,000 fresh infections daily. 

During this period of 23 days, the number of fatalities has also increased from 1147 to 3867 , that amounts to 2720 lives lost in the month of May. 

In the manner how this infection is spreading, one can access by looking at the figures in the month of April , where 33406 fresh cases had come up in the entire month's time , while 1109 lives were lost ot the pandemic. 

If the infection keeps spreading at this rate, India will soon join the top 10 countries list with the maximum infections across the globe.

At present, the country is at 11th spot right behind Iran, where around 2.5 k cases are being reported on an average everyday. 

On the brighter side, India's graph has been better as compared to many other nations, when it comes to recovery of patients. The country is on the 16th spot across the globe on the number of maximum fatalities due to COVID-19. 


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