Minister should improve their image among public


  • BJP's National Organization General Secretary BL Santosh gives tips to ministers to coordinate with organization
  •  Six ministers did not attend meeting, those who arrived, also came late, veterans get angry

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal 
BJP's National Organization General Secretary BL Santosh held a meeting with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and cabinet ministers on the second day of his three-day visit on Monday. Santosh also expressed displeasure when some ministers did not reach on time and said that when you have not come on time in the meeting of the organization, then how you will follow the time in the other programs.
He also bluntly advised the ministers that if they go among the public, they should not show arrogance, take special care of this. The minister should remain in a normal even in his interaction with the workers. Listen seriously to them and get the problem resolved.
In the meeting organized in Deendayal campus, BJP's National Organization General Secretary BL Santosh along with party's state in-charge Murlidhar Rao, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, State President Vishnu Dutt Sharma, State Organization General Secretary Suhas Bhagat, Co-Organization Minister Hitanand and State General Secretary Kavita Patidar were present. In the meeting, Santosh guided the ministers that what are the expectations of the organization from them. He said that wherever they go, take out time to meet the workers. Go to the party office and take a meeting. Try to understand the problems of the district and the department by talking to the local officials. Have food with any worker or beneficiary of weaker section. From Booth to Mandal and from district to state level, the organization has expectations from the ministers, they must be fulfilled. Also, keep in mind, that if you live in the capital, give time to the party office as well. After this, he also asked the ministers that what you expect from the organization, tell us. The organization has to fulfill the expectations of the ministers of the government at any cost. Even if there is a rift with the organization, do not let it go on for long. He also inquired about the achievements of his department from the ministers.
A great leader is also a common worker
In the meeting with the ministers, the National Organization General Secretary also warned that no matter how big a leader, he is a common worker for the organization. Work in good synergy with the organization and the government. Make your image good among the public, now is the time, otherwise you have to go to the public once in five years and then have to face the consequences.
=Stay updated what's going on in the department
Santosh said that the minister should be fully aware of what is going on in the department and study as much as possible so that you guide the officer. He should have a sense of expertise.
These ministers didn't come
Among the ministers from the tribal class, only Meena Singh came to the meeting. Forest Minister Vijay Shah, Food Civil Supplies Minister Bisahu Lal Singh, Prem Singh Patel did not come. Both OPS Bhadauria and Kamal Patel had informed the organization a