Mohan Bhagwat is innovating to moderate Sangh


  •  Is trying to change Sangh’s image by interacting with Muslim intellectuals and ulemas 

Milind Muzumdar, Indore
Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, the Sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, is trying to change the image of the Sangh. They are constantly innovating to make the union moderate. Since becoming the Sarsanghchalak in 2009, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat has emphasized on village development, environmental protection, family enlightenment, uniform change, dialogue with left-wing intellectuals, frequent meetings with social leaders. These days the Sangh chief is interacting with Muslim intellectuals and religious ulema and explaining them about the ideology of the Sangh and the movement of nationalism. This initiative of Dr. Mohan Bhagwat is being widely welcomed. This has sent a positive message from the point of view of harmony and harmony.
Muslim intellectuals urged the Sangh chief that such dialogues should be frequent. Dr. Mohan Bhagwat has continuously innovated since becoming the Sarsanghchalak. They have formed separate organizations in the Sangh regarding environmental protection and village development. The Bharatiya Kisan Sangh was asked not only to raise the problems of farmers and to agitate, but also to teach farmers to do agriculture with advanced agriculture and natural resources and technology. Similarly, Vishwa Hindu Parishad was also asked to do maximum work among the tribals and Dalits and apart from organizing the Hindu society, try to remove the evils prevalent in the society.

Attempt to save family system
After liberalization, India's family system has suffered the most. The Sangh believes that due to the family system, our culture survived and religion was protected. For this reason it is very important to save the family system. For this, Dr. Bhagwat started a new department like family enlightenment in the Sangh. Which tells the society about the family system.

Invited opponents to visit branch
The Sangh chief is the first Sarsanghchalak who interacted with the Sangh opponents and invited them to come to the shakha to understand the working and ideology of the Sangh. He has constantly tried to communicate with the left-wing intellectuals as well. Two years ago, programs in this regard were organized continuously for two days at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi. Sources say that Mohan Bhagwat knows that the Sangh has immense energy of its workers. They want to use it to further the social program. These efforts of the Sangh chief are aimed at clearing the long-standing misunderstanding. While doing so, Dr Bhagwat has not compromised with the core principles of the Sangh. Nor has he made any changes in the day-to-day branch system, which is considered to be the lifeblood of the Sangh.

Sangh preparing roadmap for next 25 years
Sources say that the Sangh is working keeping in mind the challenges faced by the country for the next 25 years. He wants to make a road map till 2050 so that India can be taken to the pinnacle of ultimate glory. The think-tank of the Sangh realizes that the biggest challenge before India in the times to come will be communalism and the controversies arising out of it. Today the Muslim population in India is around 18 percent. After two and a half decades, this population is likely to be 28 to 30 percent. In such a situation, if such a large Muslim population is left in the hands of the fundamentalists, then the number of communal disputes in the country can increase tremendously, which is going to prove to be the biggest obstacle in the economic progress of the country. In view of this, the Sangh is constantly interacting with Muslim intellectuals and religious ulema so that Muslims can understand and participate in the nationalist movement of the Sangh.

No compromise with core ideology
The Sangh will keep a constant dialogue with Muslims and Christians but it will not deviate from its original idea. The Sangh's 100-year-old movement of worker creation and veneration of the motherland will continue. Nationalism is the basic motivation of the union. The Sangh does not differentiate between Hindutva and Nationalism. The mission of the Sangh to communicate with Muslims is to make Muslims realize that India is their motherland and that Hindus and Muslims share common interests, culture and ancestors. If Muslims understand this fact then only there can be permanent peace in the country. Muslim fundamentalists associate Indian Muslims with Mughals and foreign invaders, this creates a problem.