Mucormycosis patients have fever with chills


  • Experts said - can have an effect in kidney

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
After winning the battle against corona infection, many patients are now battling with mucormycosis (black fungus). Many other diseases are also bothering them due to fungus.
Here in Hamidia and AIIMS patients admitted for a couple of days due to fungus have got fever along with cold.
Because of this, the relatives of the patients are afraid of getting them normal injections. Expert doctors say that it can also affect the kidneys, which can be very dangerous. Hamidia's ENT specialist Dr. Yasveer JK told that the main reason for patients getting fever along with chills is that they have not received liposomal amphotericin injection for fungus on time.
Injection is available in the market, not being bought in AIIMS
It is to mention that the liposomal injection cost for Rs 8500, while the cost of general injection is only Rs 325. Liposomal amphotericin injections are available in sufficient quantity in the market, but are not being procured from AIIMS management. There was never a shortage of injections in Hamidia Hospital, but even after AIIMS being an institution of the Government of India, from the very beginning, the patients of fungus could not get injections in sufficient quantity. Because of this, the condition of many patients deteriorated and doctors had to cut their jaws also. 
A patient needs four to six injections every day, while patients are getting only one or two injections here.
In AIIMS, injections are not being given since five days.
Here in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Bhopal, patients of mucormycosis are not getting liposomal amphotericin injection for the last five days. This is because only simple amphotericin injections are available here. Due to this, side effects have also been seen in many patients. Liposomal amphotericin is considered by some patients to be the best injection in the treatment of fungal diseases, but its availability is not available at AIIMS. Due to AIIMS management, there has also been a problem that patients are not able to buy better injections from outside. The reason being, the doctors of AIIMS are not giving prescription to buy injections from outside. Injections cannot be bought from the market without a doctor's prescription.