Nath targets Shivraj over rise in rape incidents


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal-There is outrage in the state after the incidents of rape in Umaria, Khandwa, Sidhi, Betul and Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Congress on Wednesday targeted the Shivraj government. Former Chief Minister and State Congress President Kamal Nath said in a tweet that incidents of cruelty with sisters and daughters are continuing in the Shivraj government in the state. Sisters and daughters want safety first, but sometimes the work of misleading in the name of worship and age is going on. After the gruesome incidents of Sidhi, Khandwa, Umaria, now the incident of Sarni and Indore in Betul district has embarrassed the state.

Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that those who used to sit in opposition and give long speeches to protect the safety of sisters and daughters are silent on these incidents today. When the government will wake up from sleep and will take strict steps to provide protection to the sisters and daughters? Like poisonous liquor, the responsibility of the officials responsible for the events of the tragedy with the sisters and daughters should be fixed.

Kamal Nath tweeted MP's record in crimes in the country, no ration in the village, but poisonous liquor The Congress Committee has also tweeted in this regard. The party said the rape of a 13-year-old in Betul. A case of cruelty has been registered in Betul, Madhya Pradesh, with a 13-year-old innocent, while a girl has been gang-raped in Indore. Shivraj ji, why don't you listen to the screams of the daughters ..? 

Liquor loving govt

State Congress President Kamal Nath has said to the Shivraj government through a tweet that the Shivraj government of the state is a liquor-loving government and continues to take new decisions to increase liquor shops and liquor business. If liquor shops are increased in the state, the Congress will not sit silent, we will openly oppose this anti-people decision.

Kamal Nath said that our government had started the Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana to provide cheap electricity to the people, in which we have provided electricity for up to 100 units for 100 rupees and consumers who have spent up to 150 units also included in this scheme. Now the Shivraj government is preparing to exclude middle class people from our public welfare scheme. This decision of the Shivraj government is anti-people; the middle class people are already suffering from the economic crisis in the Corona epidemic. They will be hit hard by this decision. Government should reconsider this decision.