Nation will get a glimpse of MP on Garba Express 


  • Madhya Pradesh branding unveiled on Garba Express at Gandhidham Junction 

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Tourism, Culture and Religious Trust and Endowment Minister Sushri Usha Thakur said that Madhya Pradesh preserves the cultural and historical heritage of the entire country. Now a glimpse of the cultural, historical, natural and mind-blowing tourist places of Madhya Pradesh will be visible to the whole country on Garba Express. Minister Sushri Thakur was addressing a program unveiling the branding of Madhya Pradesh on Garba Express (Train No. 12937/38) at Gandhidham Junction in Gujarat. 
Minister Sushri Thakur said that if all of you have not seen Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, then you have not seen anything. In Madhya Pradesh, 33 crore years old world's oldest river, Mother Narmada, two Jyotirlingas, Treta Yuga temple Rajeshwar, Satyuga city Janapav along with ancient Buddhist monuments are also present. Garba Express showing the important tourist places of the state including all these places will invite tourists from all over the country to Madhya Pradesh.

Tourist places and natural beauty of MP displayed
Additional Managing Director Tourism Board Shri Vivek Shrotriya said that the tourist places and natural beauty of Madhya Pradesh have been displayed through vinyl wrapping on Garba Express. This is an initiative to take the tourist places of the state to the people of India. Madhya Pradesh is called the heart of India. Just as all the blood of the body reaches the heart, similarly Madhya Pradesh has a wonderful confluence of culture and heritage of all the states. Therefore tourists must visit Madhya Pradesh at least once. Shri Shrotriya also invited all the tourists from Gujarat and the country to visit Madhya Pradesh.

Activities like Jal Mahotsav, Mandu Festival will also be promoted
Minister Sushri Thakur along with Gandhidham MLA Malti Ben Maheshwari, AMD Shri Shrotriya and ARM of Western Railway Shri Adish Pathania flagged off the Garba Express. Branding of tourism destinations, events, fairs has been done by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board in collaboration with Western Railway on Garba Express (Train No. 12937/38) running between Gandhidham in Gujarat and Howrah in West Bengal.
Garba Express will depart Gandhidham at 6:10 pm and will reach Howrah station at 12:55 pm on the third day passing through various cities of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal. During this train will pass through 6 states including Madhya Pradesh. Activities like Jal Mahotsav, Mandu Festival, Sky Diving, Hot Air Balloon will also be promoted in these states including major tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh.