Need to create systems to face world's challenges: PM


New Delhi, (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday stressed the need to create systems to address the world's current problems and challenges in future.
Saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented an opportunity to reshape the world order, Modi called for a reorientation in thinking, a more human centric approach to challenges confronting the world.
"We must create systems that addresses the problems of today and challenges of tomorrow," said the prime minister, inaugurating the Raisina Dialgue.
"And we must think of the entire humanity and not merely of those who are on our side of the borders. Humanity as a whole must be at the centre of our thinking and action," he said.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Modi said, India in its own humble way, within its own limited resources, has tried to walk the talk.
"We have tried to protect our own 1.3 billion citizens from the pandemic. At the same time we have also tried to support the pandemic response efforts of others.
"In our neighborhood, we have encouraged our coordinated regional response to the crisis." 
Emhasising the need for international coordination, Modi said India last year shared medicines and protective equipment with over a 150 countries. 
"We understand fully, that mankind will not defeat the pandemic unless all of us, everywhere, regardless of the colour of our passports, come out of it, " he said. 
That is why, this year despite many constraints, India has supplied vaccine to over 80 countries. 
"We know that the supplies have been modest. 
We know that the demands are huge. We know that it will be a long time before the entire humanity can be vaccinated. At the same time we also know that hope matters. 
"It matters as much to the citizens of the richest countries as it does to the less fortunate." 
And so, India will continue to share its experiences, its expertise and also its resources with the entire humanity in the fight against the pandemic, the prime minister said.