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Negligent Three DSP Suspended in Prevention Duty of Kovid 19


Bhopal :Three Deputy Superintendents of Police have been suspended with immediate effect for state's Director General of Police Vivek Johri for negligence of duty to prevent Kovid 19. According to the order, the State Status Cell (SSR) police on 26 marches.

On call by Deputy Headquarters, Deputy Superintendent of Police in Bhopal for Deuta in Covid-19 Related Smart City Control Room Bhopal was directed . In which Pankaj Dixit, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Selection) Police Headquarters Bhopal, Ram Patidar, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Grievances) Police Headquarters Bhopal and Pradeep Vishwakarma, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Women's Crime Cell) P.M. Bhopal.

Despite directing these officers over telephone repeatedly, Smart City Control Room did not appear in Bhopal. Even in such odd circumstances, the irresponsible conduct by the gazetted officers is a sign of gross negligence and indiscipline which comes under the category of indiscipline. Madhya Pradesh for conduct, gloom care and indiscipline Under the Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appellation) Rules-1966 Rule-9 (1) is suspended with immediate effect and during the suspension period, the headquarters office of the above three Deputy Superintendents of Police, Police Headquarters, Bhopal is determined.

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