No international flight even after a decade


  • Passengers worried about going abroad at Raja Bhoj Airport

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

Raja Bhoj Airport, equipped with international airport facilities, has not been able to get international flights even after a decade of its completion of construction. However, the Devi Ahilya Airport of Indore, which took shape along with Raja Bhoj, has achieved this distinction.
Efforts being made amidst the presence of passengers and expansion of airport facilities have raised hopes that international flights may start soon from Raja Bhoj Airport. According to the information, Raja Bhoj Airport of capital Bhopal and Devi Ahilya Airport of Indore started traveling more or less simultaneously. However, in a period of more than a decade, only flights from Bhopal for Haj pilgrimage have been made internationally. While flights from Indore to Dubai have started during this period and they are also getting good response.

Expansion of facilities
Facility expansion has started at Raja Bhoj Airport in the capital. This airport is now ready for the flight of Dreamliner and Jumbo Boeing aircraft. The Airport Authority has completed the work of the third aerobridge. Airbus and ordinary Boeing aircraft as well as jumbo jet aircraft can be attached to this bridge. According to the information, the work of the third aerobridge started three years ago, but due to the Corona crisis, the completion of the work was delayed. Passenger facilities have started getting from this bridge last month. The bridge work has been done by China's infrastructure company Shenzhen Simk Tianda Airport Support Limited. Accessories are imported from Italy.
The size of the bridge built with the help of modern equipment has been kept according to the big planes. Its structure has been made in such a way that in future, if jumbo jet passenger aircraft and Dreamliner aircraft start from Bhopal, then they can also be easily attached to this bridge.

The work of the fourth bridge has also started, its work is likely to be completed in the next one and a half years. The third aerobridge has been designed according to the future. Even if big aircraft services are started, it can be attached to it. This is a big achievement in terms of passenger amenities. This is a truly international level facility.
-KL Agarwal, Airport Director