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Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
In the first wave of the corona epidemic, elderly people were more affected, while the second wave was more deadly due to the virus being mutated. People of all age groups were affected in this wave. In many places, cases of infection were reported in children also, although there is not enough data available regarding children. Even abroad, children had less infection. Dr Prakhar Gupta said this during a discussion with Navbharat correspondent Sushil Kumar Mishra.
Question: The entire market is being opened in the city, what precautions should be taken?
Answer: Lessons should be learned from the mistake and carelessness that was done last time. Everywhere the crowd increased, people were negligent, due to which more cases came in the second wave. Now people should not get confused that if vaccination has been done then there will be no infection. The danger still remains, caution has to be taken to avoid the third wave.
Question: Can the third wave cause a danger to the children?
Answer: In the first wave, the elderly people were more affected, in the second wave people of all age groups were infected. This time, cases of infection in children have also been reported in many places, data is also available for elders, but for young children there is not much data regarding corona virus, children abroad have also been less affected.
Question: Is you can share an emotional moment during Covid-19?
Answer: There was a 60 to 65 year old woman in Danish Nagar, she was childless, there was no one with her and her caretaker also got corona. The hospital staff took care of her like family members. There was a wave of happiness in the whole hospital on the recovery of the old lady and we were all very satisfied.
Question: What was the recovery rate at JK Hospital?
Answer: From last year till now the recovery rate in our hospital has been around 97-98 percent.
Question: What kind of arrangements did the management make?
Answer: We have General Ward, HDU. And there is a complete system of ICU. Oxygen, NIV and ventilators are available in sufficient numbers. The entire team of General Physician, Respiratory Specialist, Intensive Care Specialist as well as Cardiologist, Brain Disease and Kidney Specialist are engaged in treating the patients.
Question: Is there any arrangement for treatment with Ayushman card in JK Hospital?
Answer: The arrangement for treatment with Ayushman card in the JK hospital has been in place for a long time. Card treatment is done in every department here. Thousands of patients of Covid have taken advantage of treatment with Ayushman card.