Nothing more amazing than experiences gained from journalism: M Poornima


 Webinar organized by RNTU on -Career prospects in mass communication
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Journalism and mass communication is an essential dimension of modern society. In today's difficult times when human civilization is facing an epidemic like Corona, media is playing many roles in society. On the one hand, through mass communication and journalism, information is being received from all over the world; on the other hand, the distances are also reduced through the medium of mass communication. Also, today when we are imprisoned inside homes, there is no shortage of entertainment through mass communication. In today's time, 'Sambhavna' webinar was organized by the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU), keeping in mind the imperative of mass communication and the eagerness of youth towards it. 'Sambhavna' is a series of webinars envisaged by the department where many experts related to the subject will discuss career possibilities in various genres of mass communication. The webinar was organized by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Tagore University, along with the Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts and the Department of Training and Placement, whose first episode included M Poornima as the keynote speaker to talk on 'Journalism'. Poornima is the media advisor for NGO Child Rights and You (CRY).
In today's era, many students want to make their future in the field of journalism, but how should they prepare to become a conscious and successful journalist of the country, many such questions arise in the mind of a student. Addressing the students through this webinar, Poornima highlighted the career prospects in the field of mass communication.
Poornima highlighted the working of print media and digital media and encouraged the students to first grasp the language. She said that to adopt journalism, it is very important to get proficiency in many languages, language means not only Hindi or English but also the knowledge of regional and foreign languages ??is very important. She further explained how we can prepare for the future by staying at home in this pandemic. First of all, the student himself has to know which beat of journalism he is interested in. When he finds out what field he is interested in, then he can prepare himself for it. With this, Poornima told the students that even though they cannot go out of home and work in a media house today, the practice of reading and writing continuously is very important. She also shared the names of such media platforms where interested students can publish their articles by sending them. Poornima shared her 10 years of journalism experiences with the participants and said that journalism is a difficult profession that needs patience and loyalty. But journalism is also a profession which provides us unique experiences. A question and answer round was also organised. Poornima satisfied all the students' curiosities. Poornima encouraged the girls to advance in the field of journalism.
This one-day webinar was organized by Ms. Visakha Rajurkar Raj, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, in collaboration with Dr. Sangeeta Johri, Head of the Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts. On this occasion, the department's Assistant Professor and 'Sambhavna' convener Prashant Soni and Vikrant Bhatt were also present. At the end of the program, Dr. Usha Vaidya, Professor of Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts, thanked the keynote speaker, organizing committee and all the participants present for their active participation in the event.