Nothing will shutdown now, but stay alert: CM 


  • Oxygen plants, other equipment for the treatment of Corona checked in hospitals

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that since the last few days, Corona positive cases are being reported off and on in Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur. The number of Corona patients has increased. Patients have been found at different locations. This is enough to warn us. We are conducting Corona test on a regular basis. The symptoms that are visible are a sign of the impending crisis. It is necessary that we take utmost care.
The CM said nothing will shut down now but stay alert. He said that the attendance of children in school has been decreased to 50 percent as they have not been vaccinated. I do not wish to impose any ban. There is no objection to marriage functions and markets, but one must avoid unnecessary crowds. We have to educate people so that the infection does not spread. By wearing a mask, by taking precautions, we can avoid a big crisis. We have adequate medicines available. Oxygen plants and other equipment for the treatment of Corona checked in hospitals.
Chouhan was addressing all collectors and members of Crisis Management Committees of the state through video conference from his residence today. Additional Chief Secretary Health Mohd. Suleman gave a presentation regarding the new Corona variant and its effects in some countries of South Africa. Chouhan said that it is necessary for the members of the Crisis Management Committee to know about the current status of Corona infection and vaccination in Madhya Pradesh and the spread of new variants.

Increase vaccination speed
Chouhan said that I will go out to generate public awareness about wearing masks. You should also wear masks and urge people to wear masks. There endless benefits of wearing mask. We will make arrangements for treatment, if we take these measures now, then the infection will not spread much. I want to appeal to the public representatives that you have to knock at every door to make people wear masks and get vaccinated. 
Further, in the month of December, the date of the mega campaign will be decided. 
The speed should be increased in the districts where less than 90 percent vaccination has taken place. People will have to be made aware of the importance of the second dose. The government has controlled Corona with the help of public cooperation and Crisis Management Committees. This model of Madhya Pradesh has been appreciated everywhere.

Visit hospitals and see arrangements
Chouhan said that caution is necessary regarding the new variant of Corona. I have given instructions to take all precautions and ensure arrangements. The concerned officials will go to the hospital and see the system there. Inspect the hospitals and get information about the arrangement of medicines, availability of equipment and working of oxygen plants.

Mock drills must be conducted 
Chouhan said that it is necessary for everyone to get the second dose, this is the biggest priority. All arrangements must be ensured, another wave must not come, that is the challenge. Media should also educate the public and cooperate as before. This will be an act of virtue, be careful, efforts should not be lacking. We are all worried about the new variant, but we must take caution. People’s representatives and members of Crisis Management Committees should be encouraged to use face masks and administer the second dose of vaccine by visiting from door-to-door.