Now children are more prone to dengue than corona


 Nodal officers deployed to save children from dengue
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Schools from 1st to 5th class have also been opened from Monday across the state, including the capital Bhopal, after the corona infection has subsided. But the special thing is that precautions are being taken to prevent corona in schools, but there is negligence regarding dengue chikungunya.
Let us inform that these days dengue and chikungunya are spreading rapidly across the state, while precautions are not applying in schools. There is water in front of many government schools in the capital itself. Bathroom tanks of many schools have been filled with water for months. Due to which children are more prone to dengue, chikungunya than corona.
=Experts say that children are more prone to dengue. However, District Education Officer Nitin Saxena has issued instructions to control diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria spread in the capital and to protect school children from these diseases. A nodal officer has also been appointed for rescue in schools. Here on Monday, there was some relief news in the capital, only 7 patients of dengue have come to fore.
Half of patients reported in three areas of city
The ever-increasing cases of dengue in the city have raised the concern of the health department. Dengue outbreak is high in some areas of the city. More than half of the dengue patients received every day are being found in Saket Nagar, Bagsewania, Barkheda Pathani.
 It is worth mentioning that Saket Nagar has been a sensitive area in the case of dengue since 2014, but this year fewer patients were being received. Because of this, there was no activity from the Malaria Department for the prevention of dengue here. Patients are being met here every day for the last five days. Dengue cases have also been reported in SK hostels here.
Children at risk of mosquito-borne diseases
Schools have opened, precautions are very important to protect young children from mosquitoes in schools, young children are more prone to dengue. However, our team is also running awareness campaign in schools. Children are being educated about mosquito-borne diseases.
Dr. Akhilesh Dubey, District Malaria Officer Bhopal

=These instructions were given to schools to prevent dengue
-To take care of cleanliness and put up posters, banners inside the school or in the premises.
-Do not allow water to stagnate in any container for more than seven days.
-Get the unnecessary containers, disposables, tube tires removed from the organization.
-With the water tank, close the lid of the vessel properly.
-If any student and employee have fever, get the blood test done immediately.
-Spraying of insecticide should be done in the school premises.