Number of dengue patients crosses 3000 mark in MP; Mandsaur emerges hot spot


Bhopal: The number of dengue patients is increasing rapidly in many districts amid the fear of third wave of corona in Madhya Pradesh. This year the number of dengue patients in the state has crossed 3,000. Mandsaur remains a hot spot of dengue. 50 dengue patients have been found here in 24 hours. With this, there have been a total of 936 patients here. Apart from this, a large number of patients are also being found in Jabalpur, Ratlam, Agar Malwa, Bhopal, Chhindwara, Indore, Seoni in the state. Experts say that double the number of people have been suffering from dengue as per the official figures.
Meanwhile, 50 new dengue patients have been found in 110 tests in Mandsaur on Wednesday. A day before this, on September 14, 25 cases were reported.
With 8 new cases in Jabalpur, the number of dengue patients has reached 426 since January. Here 10 people including a woman constable have died of dengue. However, till now the death due to dengue has not been reported in the official records.
So far 305 patients have appeared in Ratlam. Due to non-availability of Dengue ELISA test kit for 2 days here, not a single patient was reported in the government records. 6 patients have been found after the kit arrived on Wednesday, although the health department says that the kit ordered from Indore is also not in sufficient quantity. A 12-year-old boy from Ratlam's Semalia village has died of dengue in a private hospital, but this has not been confirmed by the health department.

 Indore-Bhopal also in Dengue’s grip: With 18 new cases of dengue in Indore, the number of patients has reached 182. Here a woman has died of dengue. At the same time, the number of dengue patients has reached 191 with 3 new cases in Agar Malwa. On Monday, 15 new dengue patients were found in Bhopal. The number of dengue patients reached 219 here.