OPD starts in Katju Hospital



  •  200 bed Covid dedicated hospital started

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
OPD has been started for general patients in Kailash Nath Katju Hospital built for 5 lakh population, but due to lack of information, the number of patients is still very less.
On Monday, only 35 patients arrived for treatment. It is to be mentioned that initially the 200-bed Katju Hospital was reserved only for the patients of Covid-19. Due to less corona infection, not a single patient was reaching the hospital. OPD has been started in the hospital on the demand of local leaders and residents. Patients can go to the hospital from 9 am to 4 pm to get their treatment done.
Specialist doctors will be present on different days
1- Gynecologist- daily
2- Pediatrician- daily
3- Orthopedist- Tuesday, Friday
4- Nose, ear, throat – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
5- Ophthalmologist- daily
6- Medical Officer- Daily
 12 hours on-spot vaccination on Thursday
Katju Hospital's superintendent Dr. RP Patel told that the corona vaccine will be given soon. Here 12 hours on-spot vaccination will be done. Its hospital management has started preparations. Dr. Patel told that it is our effort that vaccination should start from Thursday. We have selected the place. Rest of the process is being done. Now from 9 am to 9 pm, the facility of vaccination will be started from on-site registration. Looking at the number of people in the coming time, it can also be done for 24 hours. It is worth noting that from August 6, the facility of vaccination will be available from 9 am to 9 pm in three centers Rashidia School in Bhopal, Government School near Nishatpura police station and Forest Rest House. At the same time, pregnant women will have the facility to vaccinate 6 days a week in Sultania Hospital. It is worth mentioning that 14153 people were vaccinated under Covid Maha-vaccination on Monday in the capital Bhopal.
 Less patients coming due to rain
Katju was started as a 200-bed hospital but, at present, the hospital was lying vacant due to lack of corona patients. Hence OPD has been started. Due to rain on Monday, the number of patients has been less. Right now people have less information.
-Dr. RP Patel Superintendent Katju Hospital