Optimum employment to be generated through cooperatives



  •  Workshop on “Cooperative Movement in MP: New Energy, New Power and New Horizons”

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that cooperative is in our customs and culture. We follow the path of “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah” and “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. The thinking for everyone’s benefit, everyone’s welfare and everyone’s wellbeing is cooperatives.
Chouhan was addressing a workshop on the topic “Cooperative Movement in MP: New Energy, New Power and New Horizons” at Mantralaya.
Women self-help groups set an example: Chouhan said that women self-help groups in MP have set the best example of cooperatives. To empower them in the state, a bank loan of Rs 1400 crore has been made available at 4% interest rate. Chouhan said that the economy would be rebuilt through cooperatives in the state.

Promotion of food processing: Chouhan said that there is bumper production of crops in MP. Most of the wheat of country is grown here. There is also a lot of production of horticultural crops. Food processing will be promoted more and more through cooperatives in the state.
“Amul doodh peeta hai India”: Chief Minister Shri Chouhan told Amul’s Director Shri Sodi that ‘Amul’ has amazing marketing. The song ‘Amul doodh peeta hai India’ is also on my tongue.

“I am a student not a guide”: When CM Chouhan was invited to provide guidance in the workshop, he said that “I am a student, not a guide.”

Cooperative needs capital: Satish Marathe, Director, RBI Central Board said that today there is a need for capital in the cooperative sector. For this, it is necessary to make co-operative institutions more empowered by making necessary amendments in the existing laws.

Cooperative strong even when the prices of crops fall: Kishore Kumar, President, Campco said that the cooperative provides support to the crops even when the market prices fall. When the price of garlic fell in the state of Karnataka, cooperatives helped the farmers by buying garlic in large quantities at good prices. This is the power of cooperative. He stressed the use of technology in farming through cooperatives.

Co-op is for people doing small works who can’t do anything alone: R.S. Sodi, Regional Director, Amul said that cooperatives are for businessmen and workers doing small works who cannot do anything alone. Together they can do a great job.

Cooperative training to farmers: Cooperative expert DD Tripathi said that by imparting training to the farmers, their Farmer Production Organisations can be formed. SHGs and farmers’ cooperatives should be encouraged for agricultural produce processing. Human resource policy will also have to be made in the field of cooperatives. Cold chain, storage will also have to be promoted in the state.

MP ranks fourth in milk production: Cooperative expert Shri Subhash Pandey said that MP was far behind in dairy sector but good progress has been made in this sector through women SHGs. Today MP ranks fourth in the country in milk production.

Aim to provide maximum employment: Antony of Indian Coffee Workers Co-Operative Society (Indian Coffee House) said that the main objective of our cooperative organisation is to provide maximum employment. At present we have 36 branches in MP. Now coffee houses are being opened in small towns too.

Need to increase self employment opportunities: Washington DC’s cooperative expert Prof. Shamika Ravi said that there is a need to increase self-employment opportunities in Madhya Pradesh. Agricultural technology should be promoted. Crops should also be processed.

At the outset, the Deputy Chairman of Madhya Pradesh State Planning and NITI Aayog, Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi highlighted the objectives of the workshop.