Over 850 vials of Remdesivir injections stolen from Hamidia


Bhopal: Remdesivir injections, believed to be life saving for corona patients, were stolen from Bhopal's Hamidia Hospital. The thieves cut off the grill of the Central Store and stole 853 vials of Remedisivir injections. A case of theft of injection for the first time has come to light from a government hospital in MP, amidst shortage of Remdesivir. The government sent these injections to the largest government hospital in Bhopal for the treatment of serious patients. Orders have been issued to investigate the disappearance of the injections.
The injections are needed across the country for Corona's serious patients and had disappeared from the market. In such a situation, the system of giving this injection from government hospitals was started. Injections were delivered by helicopters in major cities of the state. The government had sent 853 remdesivir injections for the patients of Hamidia Hospital. These injections arrived at the hospital on Friday and were to be administered to patients on Saturday.

Police are investigating: Hospital Superintendent
Superintendent of the hospital said – The injections have been stolen, police are investigating the case.
When the injections were to be taken from the store room on Saturday morning to be given to patients, its boxes were found missing. There was uproar in the hospital after the life-saving injections were found missing. The hospital management is ascertaining whether any other drug has also been stolen along with the injection. In this case, the hospital's Superintendent ID Chaurasia said, "The injections have been reported stolen. The police are investigating the case.”