Oxygen plants to be set up in railway hospitals of state


Bhopal: In view of the third wave of Corona, West Central Railway has started preparations to deal with Covid-19. Railways is emphasizing on improving the medical facilities in its hospitals. Indian Railways has prepared a plan for augmentation of oxygen plants in 86 railway hospitals across the country. In this, all the railway Kovid hospitals will be equipped with oxygen plants.
Out of these, plants will also be set up in Jabalpur, Bhopal and Kota of Western Madhya Pradesh Railway. So that liquid medical oxygen can be supplied to the patients of Covid-19 infection at the time of need. Oxygen plants of 600 liters per minute (36 M3/hr) at Central Hospital Jabalpur of West Central Railway, 500-500 liters per minute (30 M3/hr) in Bhopal and Kota will start from September.
All these oxygen plants work on the method of PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) medical oxygen gas. These will have three main units namely installation of refrigerator air drawing unit, installation of twin tower PSA module and manufacturing of oxygen storage tank.
By installing oxygen plants in railway hospitals, oxygen can be supplied to the patients of Covid infection in time. All these plants will be set up in the next 3 months. This will lead to expansion of medical facilities in Railway Hospitals and at the same time, augmentation of facilities in Railway Hospitals of West Central Railway will help usher in better infrastructure to deal with medical emergencies. Right now the Railways is rapidly transporting Oxygen Express filled with liquid medical oxygen to different parts of the country across the country.