PLA exercises increase on Chinese side: Eastern Army Commander


Itanagar/New Delhi, Oct 19 (UNI) There is an increase in the level of activities and scale of exercises held by People's Liberation Army on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Eastern Army Commander Lieutenant General Manoj Pande said on Tuesday.

Pande said there was increase in exercises by the PLA across the LAC but that was in the depth areas. He also said there was a marginal increase in the number border defence troops.

"The annual training exercise that the PLA carries out, there has been some increase in the level of activity that is in the depth. Secondly, some of the PLA reserve formations which were mobilised continue to remain there but in their training areas that again is in the operational depth," the Eastern Army Commander told the media.

"Both sides are attempting to develop infrastructure closer to the LAC and that leads to certain issues at times. Lastly, since this infrastructure has come up close to the LAC there has been a marginal increase in the number border defence troops who are already deployed at the LAC," he said.

He said PLA is carrying out integrated exercises involving ground troops, air assets, rocket forces etc. The exercises are also longer and more complex.

Lt. Gen. Pande also said that the Moutain Strike Corp is fully raised and operational and fully equipped.

"Raising of the mountain Strike Corps commenced in 2014. By now it is fully operationalised. All its units including combat, combat support and support have been fully equipped. Its employment philosophy is stabilized," he said.

"Over the years the organization and structure of the Mountain Strike Corps has evolved to meet the operational requirements," he said.

The Commander said a number of measures have been taken, including enhancing surveillance which is being done by synergising resources "right from satellites at strategic level to troops".

"We have adequate forces for any need that may arise. In certain areas, where our deployment was thin we have strengthened our deployment but largely there has been no major increase in troops along LAC," he added.

He also said there wasn't any major change in the patrolling pattern, but there was a marginal increase in PLA patrols of disputed border areas.