PM advises shoppers to promote local products, shun single-use plastics


New Delhi, Oct 24 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday once again urged people to buy local products while shopping during the festive season.  

Speaking at his monthly radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat', Modi said that if people buy local products it will help local artisans and weavers.  
"I hope you remember shopping means vocal for local. If you buy local products, then your festival will be illuminated and some poor brother or sister, some artisan, some weaver's house will also be lit up," the Prime Minister said. 
Seeking to promote local products, Modi also asked citizens to share about items and places from where they bought them on social media. 
"Share on social media about the local products of your place that you bought, share it with people around you also," Modi said. 

This is second such appeal within days of his virtual address to people amid concerns of Chinese products flooding the Indian market. 

In his address to the nation last Friday, PM had urged countrymen to go 'vocal for local.' 

In another advisory, Modi also asked people to get rid of single-use plastics given its adverse impact on health and environment. 
"When I talk about cleanliness, then please do not forget to get rid of single-use plasticS," he said. 
Modi also lauded health workers for their contribution in achieving 100 crore vaccine doses against the coronavirus.