PM pats those in forefront of fighting Coronavirus threat


New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday welcomed those highlighting how India was combating the threat of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), saying this would boost the morale of those in the forefront of the fight against the dreaded disease including doctors and health officials. In a tweet, Mr Modi said "Many people are highlighting different aspects of how India is combating COVID-19. This is certainly boosting the morale of all those doctors, nurses, municipal workers, airport staff and all other remarkable people at the forefront of fighting COVID-19."He lauded the work being done "at all levels, various authorities are working in sync to ensure COVID-19 does not spread. No stone is being left unturned to ensure people are healthy.'India has reported two deaths and 110 confirmed cases due to Coronavirus infection. The Prime Minister said avoiding non-essential travel and minimising social outings were welcome steps. "Responsible citizens can add great strength to the fight against COVID-19. I am sure our citizens will not do any thing that puts the lives of others in danger," the message added