Patients suffer a lot in Hamidia


  •  Corona patients decreased, yet admitted in Hamidia
  •  Black Fungus patients have to be cared by their families
  •  The patient lying on rexine mattress in this scorching heat of 40 degrees, not even a bed sheet on beds

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Though there may be a decrease in the number of corona infected patients in the hospital, care and timely medicines and injections for patients in hospitals are not available even today. Even today, ward boys and supporting staff are not being able to take care of the corona patients admitted in Hamidia Hospital.
This situation is happening when the number of patients is steadily decreasing. To carry out all the tests including the CT scan of the corona patients and the MRI of the black fungus victims, the family is required to take them on the strature. In Hamidia's ENT ward, about 30 patients suffering from black fungus are admitted. Ward boys are not available for their care. Family members have to care their patient by staying in the ward. Last month, Dr. Lokendra Dave was appointed as Superintendent in place of Superintendent Dr. ID Chaurasia after the disappearance of 863 Remedies. Even after changing the Superintendent, instead of improving the hospital arrangements are being deteriorated. Corona patients admitted here have to remain without a sheet on the mattresses of rexine even in the scorching heat of 40 degree temperature.
 Oxygen level of black fungus patient dropped.
The brother of a patient named Nitin Jain, admitted in Hamidia Hospital, alleges that the black fungus is affecting his brother in the eyes and brain rapidly. When Covid was negative, he was told to shift to ENT for the operation, but yesterday junior doctors put amphotericin B injection in the bottle and finished it in about 30 minutes. After which his oxygen level reached 70, while another patient was given the same injection bottle in two and a half hours. Now the condition is deteriorating, then the doctors have refused to conduct the operation. The senior doctor goes back after a round. And junior doctors are taking care of the patients.
 Doctors upset due to dislocations in wards
Doctors are also upset due to the dislocations in D Block of Hamidia Hospital. Essential resources like pulse oxy-meter, sugar testing machine and strip and BP instrument are not available on many floors. Insulin, blood liquidizing medicines are not available. Due to scarcity of ward boys and cleanliness, the bodies remain in bed for several hours even after the death of patients.