Pause on Dengue and Viral Fever Vaccination


Number of beneficiaries who got vaccination reduced, experts also said do not get vaccinated in dengue and viral
Target to give first dose to all by 15th September
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
These days, cases of viral fever with dengue, chikungunya are increasing rapidly in the capital Bhopal. The number of patients in hospitals has increased significantly. Its effect is now visible on the vaccination of Covid-19 as well.
However, some people are getting vaccinated in viral fever by consuming tablets. Due to which they are getting more trouble. At the same time, experts also say that if a person has viral fever or dengue or malaria, then he should not get corona vaccine immediately, but take a break of at least 10 days and only after that get the dose of vaccine. This will give them the right benefit of the vaccine. This is the reason that the vaccination was done at only 13 centers in the capital on Sunday. 
 Fall Sick after getting vaccinated
Rajesh Singh, a resident of Kotra, told that he had a cold, in the meantime, on 5 September, he got the second dose of the vaccine. After taking the dose, high fever has started coming in the night. After this, on 7 September, his health worsened. Rajesh started having trouble in breathing, the family immediately took him to a private hospital where he was admitted. During the treatment, Rajesh was informed that he was having Pneumonia.
Break of at least 10 days is necessary
Dr. Saram Singh, Director, AIIMS Bhopal said that the immunity of a person weakens in cold, cough or dengue, similarly it happens during the corona virus. When there is a guideline for a corona positive person to get the vaccine after a few days, then the same rule should be applicable for cold and dengue positive also. Dengue and viral patient should get the dose of vaccine only after waiting for at least 10 days. Vaccine affects the immunity of the person, so it may be that the body has to face some challenge by getting vaccinated after viral to those with weak immunity. However, so far it has not been suggested in the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, that people with minor ailments like cold and headache cannot give the vaccine dose. However, health experts and infectious diseases experts definitely say that during these diseases, vaccination should be postponed for a few days. Vaccine is being taken only after screening, at this time the cases of viral and dengue are increasing continuously across the state. In view of this, we have given strict instructions at all the centers not to vaccinate anyone without screening, if there is fever or cold, then a break of at least 1 week is necessary.
Dr. Santosh Shukla, State Vaccination Officer Bhopal