Peru's president resolved on serving full term


Lima, Dec 3 (UNI) Peruvian President Pedro Castillo has said "nothing will prevent" him from serving his full term in office, a day after Peru's Congress voted to start impeachment proceedings against him for alleged "moral incompetence."  
Castillo voiced confidence that the "democratic sectors" of public authority and the social forces "will be on the side of institutionality and governability." 

The president said he welcomes a call to dialogue and "political truce" between the executive and legislative branches of Peru made in a preliminary report by a high-level group from the Organization of American States, which visited the country on Nov. 21-22. 

Peru's Congress decided by a vote of 73 to 32 to begin impeachment proceedings against the president, with the vote to take place on Dec. 7. 

The latest impeachment attempt must secure at least 87 votes, or two-thirds of Peruvian lawmakers, to succeed.