Physiotherapy is effective in curing all types of diseases



  • Physiotherapists gathered on one platform

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
There is a misconception in the society that Physiotherapy consists of only fomenting, whereas physiotherapy also involves higher techniques.
 In which mayo facial, release joint, manipulation muscle energy techniques, soft tissue manipulation and different types of specialist individualistic exercises. Dr. Ashutosh Kumar said this during the release of India's first physio health booklet on Sunday. He told that the training includes from high frequency current to low frequency current, radiation to laser therapy, dynamic to ultrasound. Physiotherapy is multidisciplinary or does not work only in Orthopedics. Rather, the nervous system, respiratory system, heart disease, sports medicine, pediatric medicine, every type of surgery also contributes to cancer, from initial level to tertiary level. Former hockey player and ‘Chak De India’ movie fame Mirranjan Negi, Dr. Surendra Shukla, Director General Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan MP were the chief guests in the program. Dr. Sunil Pandey said that it is a matter of great joy and pride that India's first Hindi Physiotherapy health book has been published in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The main objective of the booklet is to make Physiotherapy practitioners aware of the possibilities and techniques of new breakthroughs being made in this field.
People will join because of Hindi: Dr. Reenu
Dr. Reenu Yadav said that this booklet will try to make the general public aware about physiotherapy. So that they can understand this therapy better and take advantage of it. Being in Hindi, people will be able to connect with it easily.