Police resort to water cannons to disperse YC activists 


  • Inflation, unemployment and saving our culture are biggest challenges: Nath

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Massive face-off between Youth Congress workers & cops erupted during former's protest against rising inflation, fuel prices, and law and order situation in the state today. Police resorted to water cannons to disperse protesters. 
The youth wing of the Madhya Pradesh Congress on Thursday staged a protest against rising inflation, fuel prices, and law and order situation in the state. The party also took on the BJP on OBC reservation issue. The activists were stopped by the police by using water cannons. Senior party leaders were taken in custody.
Youth Congress workers from across the state gathered outside CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan's official residence in Bhopal for the protest. They were joined by senior party leaders including the state Congress chief Kamal Nath.
Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, who participated in the Youth Congress's demonstration, said- 'When I reached Parliament for the first time, my seniors used to call me 'Chhokra'. that was the time. Today BJP has three things - police, money and administration. Remember we will not be suppressed by neither money nor police nor administration. Inflation, unemployment is not the only challenge; saving our culture is also the biggest challenge.
MP Youth Congress demonstrated on Thursday by making issues of inflation, unemployment and atrocities on tribals. Congress leaders gathered at the Vyapam intersection to surround the CM House, but the police stopped them by putting up a barricade in front of the Red Cross Hospital. They were then repelled using a water cannon. The protest ended after top leaders were taken into custody.

Will form govt under Nath's leadership: Arun Yadav 
Before this, senior leaders from the stage addressed the workers. Former Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh said that more opportunities should be given to the youth in the next elections. Arun Yadav said- 'I am young and Kamal Nath is also young, we will form the government in Madhya Pradesh under his leadership.'

Nath-Diggi released video messages
Before joining Yuva Shankhnaad, Kamal Nath shared the post on social media. In this, he wrote – Youth strengthen this fight to save Madhya Pradesh. Former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh has also released a video regarding this. Digvijaya said that we have to organise a mass movement in this country, regarding the increasing disorder in the state.
Over 2000 party workers took part
More than 2 thousand workers participated in the Shankhnaad movement
The demonstration started under the leadership of Youth Congress State President Vikrant Bhuria. It was named Yuva Shankhnaad. Thousands of workers participated in the demonstration which lasted for about one and a half hours. In this, Congress State President Kamal Nath, Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh, former Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh, former Union Minister Suresh Pachori, former PCC Chief Arun Yadav, Youth Congress National President Srinivas Biwi, Agar MLA Vipin Wankhede and other workers participated.
State president of Youth Congress, Vikrant Bhuria said it was a peaceful protest to awaken the BJP government.

Hundreds of people are left on road
Bhuria alleged that the law and order situation in the state was being handled by some selective BJP people instead of the police personnel.
"People are being targeted and their houses are being demolished selectively in name of illegal encroachment. In the last two months hundreds of people were left on the road as their houses were demolished. The future of little children is destroyed. That is why we decided to raise the voice of people," Bhuria added.
"State president will address the gathering of party leaders and youth workers. We will expose the hidden agenda of the BJP government on the OBC reservation issue too," Bhuria added.