Priyanka appeals people to take precautions and prevent spreading Coronavirus


New Delhi,  Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday, appealed to people to take precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus from spreading and said "let's together defeat this pandemic".In a video appeal in twitter, Ms Priyanka, appealed to people to remain careful and vigilant as the Coronavirus has been declared as pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).The Congress leader's appeal came when the country reported its first death in Karnataka due to Coronavirus, on Thursday and number of positive cases reached to 79."We can keep this disease away by doing small things. Wash your hands repeatedly for at least for 30 seconds. If you have any symptoms like cough or fever, then meet a doctor or go to a hospital", she said.
Ms Priyanka further urged people that if someone have symptoms then avoid to meet many people.

"If you are planning to go for a journey, postpone it for a few days. These all are small things but by taking care of them you can avoid this disease and we can stop this virus from spreading," the Congress general secretary added.She further tweeted that several countries including India, were facing this contagious disease.
"As a responsible citizen, we can prevent the disease from spreading by taking a few small precautions. Let's together defeat this pandemic", Ms Priyanka added.
Earlier in the day, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi continued his attack on Narendra Modi government over its response to the deadly virus, saying 'the government is in a stupor'. 'I will keep repeating this. The Coronavirus is a huge problem. Ignoring the problem is a non solution', The Indian economy will be destroyed if strong action is not taken. The government is in a stupor', he tweeted.