Priyanka's master stroke in UP politics


  • Cong will cross electoral ladder with help of 40 pc women candidates

Pravesh Kumar Mishra, New Delhi
In order to overcome the electoral machinations of Uttar Pradesh, the Congress party has created a stir in the opposition camp by handing over 40 per cent of the rudders of its boat to women irrespective of religion, creed, caste and region. Call it a political experiment of party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi or a master stroke of changing politics, whatever it may be, this historic decision has brought an earthquake in the politics of Uttar Pradesh.
Political experts believe that with the help of such a bold and historic decision on the political soil of Uttar Pradesh, the kind of positive message given by the Congress party in one stroke will give the party the support of women. The political parties that are opposed to 33 per cent women's reservation will also be brought under pressure. The manner in which Priyanka Gandhi Vadra advocated this decision will surely have a deep impact on the political mood of the state. 
By inviting forty percent women to enter the election season, the Congress party has not only tried to beautify the present but has also written the script of future politics. Because Priyanka Gandhi has said in response to a question that she would like the party to take such a decision at the Center along with other states. Not only this, Priyanka has also made it clear that the party will continue to stand by the women who will be given a chance now and will strengthen them. 
That is, this decision is not based on urgency but is a result of farsightedness. However, in what color this master stroke of Priyanka Gandhi drenches the electoral fizz, time will tell. But in the current situation, the Congress party has definitely moved two steps ahead with the help of this decision.