Public awareness must to prevent Corona infection: CM


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that April 6 is a very historic and holy day. It was on this day that Mahatma Gandhi’s Dandi March ended and the Bharatiya Janata Party was constituted on April 6. It is a happy coincidence that today, on 6 April, we are sitting in front of the Gandhi statue for Swasthya Agraha. 
Mahatma Gandhi liberated the country by Satyagraha. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, cleaned the country through Swachch Agraha. In this chain, today I am in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue for Swasthya Agraha. 
Chief Minister Chouhan was holding discussions with journalists today in a Swasthya Agraha organized near Gandhi statue in front of Minto Hall with a view to creating public awareness to prevent Corona infection. 
Chief Minister Chouhan informed that a Cabinet meeting will also be held to control Corona infection in the Swasthya Agraha event. 
Besides, a discussion will also be held with prominent persons, business organizations, volunteer groups, people associated with the education industry, transportation business, Corona Volunteers, Path vendors etc. of all the districts of the state.
Necessary behavior needed to prevent Corona infection must
Chief Minister Chouhan said that a healthy body is the first joy. Corona infection has affected the country and the whole world. 
This is a disease that cannot be controlled only by efforts made by the government. This battle cannot be won without the cooperation of the society, as the infection spreads also due to behaviour of the society. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has given the mantra of testing, tracing, treatment and vaccination. Along with this we need to behave in a certain way to prevent Corona infection. 
The government is doing a lot of work in this direction. As the infection is spreading, the number of patients in hospitals is also increasing. The government is engaged in increasing the number of beds in hospitals and making other arrangements.
I am here today to make a moral request to the society
Chief Minister Chouhan said that society will have to be aware to prevent infection. I am here today to make a moral request to the society. Presently, people of the state are not in the habit of wearing mask. It is true that the rate of Corona infection in the country has come down, besides the advent of the vaccine as a result of the efficient leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As a result of this, people became reckless, due to which the infection once again starting spread rapidly.
Lockdown is not the right solution
Chief Minister Chouhan said that lockdown is a simple way to prevent infection. But lockdown can destroy our economy. People will become unemployed. Chief Minister Chouhan said that I do not consider lockdown to be the right solution. Limited lockdown is fine, permanent lockdown is not the solution to prevent infection.
Infection will be prevented through self discipline
Chief Minister Chouhan said that the second way to prevent infection is to adopt self-discipline. Wear mask, keep a safe distance, wash hands frequently and get vaccinated. 
The society must cooperate. People are somewhat callous towards wearing masks. People have to be made aware about its importance. Therefore, I have come before you with a moral request. People have to develop such a feeling that if I am not wearing a mask, then I am committing a crime. 
In fact, it is actually a crime, because by not wearing masks, we are putting others also along with ourselves at risk. Therefore, this sense of responsibility must be developed in people that I will wear a mask and make others also wear it.
You must pledge that I and every member of my family will put on masks
Chief Minister Chouhan said that on Monday, I made all my family members wear masks. Let us all resolve that I will put on mask and no member of my family will leave the house without a mask. This is an appeal for good health. It is an appeal to make people health conscious and alert. This appeal is from the society to fight against Corona by being completely alert. I am sitting here for 24 hours to inspire people. 
A Cabinet focusing on Corona will be held here at the venue, I will review the Corona situation in the state, talk to different sections of the society on Corona, as well as invite suggestions. Me and my team will work from here non-stop while adhering to social distancing.
Mask means ‘Mera Aapka Suraksha Kawach’
Chief Minister Chouhan said that for me the mask means M for Mera, A for Aapka, S for Suraksha and K for Kawach ‘Mera Aapka Suraksha Kawach’. We have to run this campaign that ‘Mask Nahin to Baat Nahin’, when you go to the shop and if there is no mask, then the shopkeeper will say ‘Mask Nahin to Samaan Nahi’. It is a campaign to create awareness.
Appeal to media for public awareness
Chief Minister Chouhan appealed to the journalists to cooperate and said that media is a very effective medium through which awareness can be created. This month is a month of severe crisis. 
If print and electronic media take up the responsibility of creating awareness, it will be a great service to the society. Chief Minister Chouhan said that I appeal to religious leaders, social workers, political parties, activists and all institutions to join this campaign. Together we can fight against Corona and prevent its spread.