Rajya Sabha adjourned till 1400 hrs amid Congress uproar


New Delhi,The proceedings of the Rajya Sabha were adjourned till 1400 hrs on Wednesday following an uproar by the Congress Members over the alleged detention of its sitting Member by a state police.During the Zero Hour, the Congress lawmaker MV Rajeev Gauda raised the issue of detention of the sitting Member but Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu did not allow him despite it being mentioned as an ‘urgent matter’.'If this was so urgent, why you did not give prior notice to the Chair. You had enough time in the morning and the matter which you are referring to, has already come in many newspapers, but even then you did not give any notice", Mr Nadu said.'By doing so, you are debarring other Members’ chance to speak in the House', he said.

The Congress Members stood on their seats and kept pressing for their demands.Reacting to the situation arisen in the House, the Chairman reiterated that the House will function according to the rule and asked all Congress Members to sit down and allow the proceedings.At this, Congress Members started sloganeering and rushed into the Well to press their demand. When the ruckus continued, Mr Naidu adjourned the House till 1400 hrs