Rs 2 discount on diesel for farmers


 Betul farmer Rajiv Verma is giving discount
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

Farmers are getting big discount on diesel in Betul. Here they are being given a discount of Rs 2 per liter at a petrol pump. This petrol pump belongs to Rajiv Verma.
Verma himself is also a farmer. He says that this two rupee exemption means for the farmers. This will increase their profits. The skyrocketing price of diesel has also spoiled the budget of the farmers. The government may or may not care about the farmers, but Betul's petrol pump operator Rajiv Verma has taken care of them. They have given a rebate of Rs 2 per liter on diesel to the farmers by cutting their profits. Rajiv himself is a farmer and he is well aware that this small help will help in increasing the profits of the farmers. There is no limit to the happiness of the farmers with this special offer. On this exemption, Rajiv Verma said that he does not care about his commission. His aim is to increase the profits of the farmers. Diesel vehicles are used only for agricultural work, but its skyrocketing prices have reduced the profits of farmers. If people like Rajiv Verma extend a helping hand, leaving behind their profits, farmers and transporters will get a big relief.
10 percent discount given for three days on birth of a daughter
Recently in Betul, 10 percent more petrol was given at a petrol pump on the birth of a daughter. This offer was till 15 October. People took full advantage of this and praised it too. Shikha is the deaf sister of Ankur and Deepak Saini of Betul, she was married in Jhabua. She gave birth to a daughter on 9 October. Hearing the news of the birth of a daughter, Nanihal jumped with joy. The Saini family decided to celebrate this happiness on a big scale. Under this decision, 10 percent additional petrol was given on petrol of Rs 100 at the petrol pump.