SDM lands on road with sticks in hand


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
People are also vulnerable despite laks of efforts of administration. Peoples are violating the Corona curfew (lockdown) rules in the market on the streets without wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, and shopkeepers while opening half the shutters of the shops are gathering the crowd.
On this, SDM Rajeev Nandan Srivastava had to come down on the road with a stick in his hand after seeing the fruits and fruits of green vegetables on road. The police personnel, including Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, health inspector and cleaning officer Kamlesh Prajapati, were also stunned and were seen repulsing the fruit and vegetable vendors crowding the streets at bus stand intersection, rest house gate, Tehsil office etc.
It is worth noting that the police, revenue and municipality staff is constantly being giving instructions to shopkeepers and those selling vegetables and fruit food on the streets to follow lockdown rules and not to come out of unnecessary from houses and to use masks. Despite this people breaking the lockdown rules city, grocery and other shops are also opening. SDM gave strict instructions to revenue officials to take challan action. So that the rising chain of corona can be broken.