Scindia supporters dominate


Bhopal, Just as MP Jyotiraditya Scindia had succeeded in making 14 of his supporters as ministers in the expansion of the cabinet, in the same way, in the allotment of the departments, once again, he has shown his power by giving the creamy portfolios to his supporter ministers. 

How much his interference in the Shivraj government will remain in the coming days remains to be seen. Jyotiraditya Scindia’s supporters, who got two ministers in the first batch and 12 ministers in the second batch, have important departments with them like water resources, revenue, transport, women and child development, health, panchayat and rural development, energy and industry. 

Apart from this, the important departments have gone to Narottam Mishra and Jagdish Deora. Earlier Mishra had the Home and Health Department, now the Health Department has been taken from him and given to pro-Scindia Minister Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary. Along with the Home, Mishra has been given important department like Jail, Parliamentary Affairs and Law. 

Similarly, Deora has been given the responsibility of finance as well as important department like commercial tax and planning. Chouhan has tried to indicate that he will keep his grip on the administration strong by keeping the most important departments like General Administration and Public Relations with him.