Several states in India keen on implementing DMK's 'Dravidian Model' governance : Stalin


Chennai, Sep 25 (UNI) Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin, who has pledged to sow the seeds of his Dravidian Model governance across India, on Sunday said the ruling governments in other state of the country are keen in learing its principles and policies and implement them in their respective states.

In his virtual address at the 3rd International Humanism Conference on Social Justice, he said the 'Dravidian Model' was being implemented only to further enhance the achievements made by Tamil Nadu during the past 50 years.

Stating that the basic tenets of humanism was social justice, he said the concept of social justice was formed on the basis of humanism and was participating in this humanism-social justice conference from the soil of social justice.

Recalling social reformer Periyar's visit to several countries where he spoke of equality and rationalist principles, the Chief Minister said "the gadgets what we uses now like mobile phones, video call, video conference, FMs, fax, food capsules, battery cars are already told by Periyar several years ago."

Stating that the ruling DMK in Tamil Nadu has been upholding social justice at all places, he highlighted various schemes centred on social equity launched by his government and said the DMK party was based on the ideals of social justice, equality, self-respect, linguistic affinity,  communal rights and State autonomy.

"Our development should also be based on these ideals. Industrial growth,social change, improvement in education should grow hand in hand," he added.

Stalin said the State has has witnessed massive development due to the reservation rights, two-language policy, development of Tamil

language, infrastructure, focus on agriculture, creation of social upliftment, struggle for State's rights during the past 50 years.

Noting that development should include both economic and social aspects, he said economic scenario, education, society, thought

process and actions should also grow together. "This is the developed envisioned by Periyar, Perarignar Anna (former CM C.A.Annadurai) and Muthamizh Arignar Kalaignar (former CM M.Karunanidhi).