Siren starts to wash hands, will ring every three hours


Sagar : The administration has started a new way to give a message of hand wash and cleanliness to combat the corona virus. For prevention and control of corona virus infection, the district and police administration will jointly make district residents aware by playing sirens every 3 hours. The siren will ring every three hours and people will wipe their hands and clean the headyl taps of the doors in homes. Today, the program of hand washing and siren started at 9:00 am today on Civil Line intersection. Collector Mrs. Preeti Maithil Nayak SP Amit Sanghi, Municipal Corporation Commissioner RP Ahirwar City Magistrate Pawan Baria and other employees of the corporation were present.

In the hand washing program, the staff of the petrol pump, the police officer, the staff of the Municipal Corporation and the officers washed their hands and conveyed the message to the people of the city. As soon as the cyber ring, people followed it in the houses. The administration has also sent sirens on mobile to play. The program of cycling and hand washing will be organized every 3 hours. The Collector has appealed to all the people to wash their hands and sanitize important items like door handles, tap handles etc. in their homes as soon as the siren is sounded.