Song is extract of poetry


Aditya Singh presents attractive performances

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, Under the ‘Gamak’ series organized by the Sahitya Akademi, a lecture on ‘Hindi Poetry’ by Girendra Singh Bhadoria was held. The event held on Friday at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum. It was followed by singing performance by Aditya Singh Gaur, Bhopal.

The presentation commenced with the lecture of Bhadoria, in which he saidPandit Raj Jagannath has written in Rasgangadhara, showing the characteristic of poetry, “Ramniyarth Pratapakshak: Words: Kavyaam.” That is, the word which gives a delightful meaning is called poetry. In order to get the spiritual power to drown in the word ocean, I am doing my penance and consider my creations as the result of this, there is a huge difference between poetry and poetry.

Kavita is an excerpt and poetic poem Poetry is the fruit and poetry is its extract. The song is also an extract of poetry. While other genres of poetry are a brain product, poetry is completely heartfelt. There is even more heartache than being close to the song. It is possible to create the best poetry only on the strength of Abhidha, but poetry is not possible only in Abhidha, presence of symptoms and euphemisms are necessary.

“According to my opinion, poetry is one of the most magical and influential powers of the world, but the effect of poetry cannot be compared, poetry is also the essence of essences.” Bhadoria ended his speech, bowing to all his inspirational seniors. Bhadoria did MA in Hindi, English and Sanskrit literature, B.Ed. He has published poems and articles in various journals and magazines of the country and participated in All India Poet’s Meet. It was followed by singing performance by Aditya Singh Gaur, Bhopal.

He performed songs like Arunaya Ye Madhyamay Desh Hamara, Bohat Dino se Hui Pratiksha, Jaise Chittiyan laut ti hain bilon me, and more. He performed compositions of Harivansh Rai Bacchan, Som Dutt, Kedarnath Singh and other poets.

Gaur studied classical music in Mumbai for five years from eminent music guru Mehboob Khan and gave his performance on several prestigious forums, earning first place in DD Urdu’s Junoon A Ghazal program, B from Prasar Bharati. High Graded Shri Gaur is also empanelled in the Elite Panel in ICCR.