Sony SAB's "HERO - Gayab Mode On" set to launch on Dec 7


New Delhi, (UNI) Sony SAB on Wednesday announced the telecast of its series 'HERO - Gayab Mode On' from December 7 every Monday-Friday at 2000 hours.

With the power of invisibility as a distinctive element in the story, the show promises to be a pure visual delight for the audience blended with a gripping storyline.

The show is an incredible journey of a common man, Veer (Abhishek Nigam) and his quest to find his father. His life gets fascinatingly exciting as Veer chances upon a miraculous ring, which upon wearing gives him the power of invisibility. The ring can only be worn and owned by someone who has the inherent virtues of kindness, courage, selflessness, nobility and empathy. At the same time, it also has the power to corrupt and degrade the weak hearted making them vicious. But Veer decides to use this superpower for good, making him a hero. However, Veer’s prized possession is also desired by the evil aliens of the outer world and here begins hero's real challenge to save humanity.

While the storyline undoubtedly has all the perfect ingredients to make the audience fall in love with the show, Sony SAB have ensured no stone is left unturned to impress the audience with its state-of-art graphics, elaborate costume designs, visual effects and one of the grandest sets witnessed for a Sci-fi show like this.

The impressive set offers an entire alien spaceship interior with all hi-tech features like sliding doors, long spaceship corridors, round monitors and giant chairs amongst other elements.