Subhash Nagar ROB may start from Nov


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Subhash Nagar ROB (Railway Overbridge) in Bhopal may start from November after waiting for about 19 months. The Municipal Corporation has started installing signals to stop the traffic. Signals will start within a week. After this there will be a traffic test. With the introduction of ROB, more than 3 lakh people will get benefits every day.
ROB Prabhat Chauraha to Meda Mill Road has been built for Rs 40 crore. The 690 meter long bridge will connect the old city with the new. This bridge was completed about 19 months ago, but due to the erecting of metro pillars and launching of girder between MP Nagar to Subhash railway gate, traffic could not start from the road of the bridge. Although the pillar and girder launching work of Metro between Government Press to Railway Gate was completed in September, PWD has not started traffic from the bridge till now. In this regard, Minister Vishwas Sarang had also given instructions to the officers. Finally the signal setting has been started.

Will do trial by putting signal
There will be a trial to clear the traffic from the overbridge by putting a signal. After that it will be fully opened.
Vehicles going from MP Nagar to Jinsi intersection will be able to pass without any hindrance, but if these vehicles go through ROB towards Subhash Nagar intersection, then a signal will be required, because the traffic of Jinsi intersection will come from one side. In this case there will be a risk of an accident. Therefore, traffic will be stopped by putting a signal before the bridge.

Minister's inspection
In August, Minister Vishwas Sarang visited the PWD, Metro and Railway officials and asked the overbridge to start traffic soon. Trial was also to be held for this, but due to lack of signal, the trial could not be done.
This overbridge will connect the new with the old city. After the commissioning of the bridge, three lakh residents of the adjoining areas will be directly benefited. Along with Subhash Nagar and Rachna Nagar Under Bridge, the problem of hours of jam at Ashoka Garden will also be solved. At the same time, there will be convenience for those traveling from MP Nagar and Prabhat intersection towards Bhopal station, Ashoka Garden and Piplani, Govindpura, MP Nagar, Rachna Nagar.