Suspension of normal movement from Chhattisgarh under consideration


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Normal movement from the more infected border provinces may be suspended. Chief Minister Chouhan said that after Maharashtra, Corona infection is on the rise in Chhattisgarh. The general movement of people coming from Chhattisgarh to Madhya Pradesh may be suspended. There will be no restriction on commuters from these states for necessary work, but after their medical examination, there will be a system to keep them in isolation. This will be helpful in preventing spread of infection. Chief Minister Chouhan said that these measures will continue to be implemented till the infection stops.

System of limited lockdown
Chief Minister Chouhan said that he does not want a long lockdown. Currently the cities which have a lockdown system on Sunday will continue. Lock down for two or three days has been imposed in Chhindwara and Betul districts where infection is high. Lockdown will not be applicable in the entire state. Livelihood of the poor must not be affected.

New slogans will be helpful
Chief Minister Chouhan said that some slogans may be popularized to promote the use of face masks. Both consumers and shopkeepers will follow slogans such as ‘mask nahin to baat nahin’ and ‘mask nahin to saman nahi’ and the importance of this sinificant measure to prevent infection through masks will be conveyed to the public. Chief Minister Chouhan said that he is confident that citizens will be safe through self-discipline and will control Corona.
Political parties should extend support
Chief Minister Chouhan said that political parties, social organizations have been called upon to seek cooperation to put an end to Corona. Other parties, including the main opposition Congress party, should extend support in preventing infection in the interest of the general public and participate in the public awareness campaign.
There is no dearth of vaccines
Chief Minister Chouhan said that there is no shortage of vaccine in the state, adequate doses have been received from the Government of India. Some districts have accomplished one-and-a-half times and even two-fold achievement in the goal of vaccinations. Necessary arrangements will continue and Covid Care Centers will also continue to function in the districts. Chief Minister Chouhan said that we will surely emerge victorious with our combined efforts and Corona will be defeated.