Training to unemployed to be given according to work


Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that my first priority as Chief Minister is to provide employment opportunities to the youth of the state. Training to the youth should be given according to their jobs for an Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Chouhan was discussing on the presentation of the topic ‘Employment Opportunities’ for the youth of the state with the officials of CRISP at his residence.
Target of providing employment to one lakh youth per month
Chouhan said that a target has been set to provide employment opportunities to one lakh youth in the state every month. Employment has been provided to more than 54 thousand youth when the effect of Corona infection became less. He said that by employment I do not mean only high posts like engineer or doctor, but if we provide loan to a fruit vendor for employment and he does his work, then that also comes in the category of employment.

Training to 12000 youngsters
Chouhan informed that during my stay in Burhanpur, 12 thousand local youth have given proposals for their enterprise. As per their wish, I want that they too should be given training according to their work, so that they can start their own enterprise.

Training of youth in tribal areas
Chouhan said that training should be given to youth in tribal areas in accordance with their ‘needs and capability’. A five-year plan was proposed by CRISP with the aim of training youth for employment in the state. In one year, 25 thousand youth will be trained and in the next five years, one lakh 25 thousand youth will be given training according to their work.

Rural entrepreneurs
It was informed in the presentation that rural youth would be given training for small and big works according to the need of local work. They will be trained in relation to electrician, carpenter, agriculture related work etc.