Tribal vote bank politics of Cong: 4-hr meeting held


  •  Tribal leaders sought a place in organization, Kamal Nath said - will decide after consideration

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
In Madhya Pradesh, politics is intensifying regarding the tribal vote bank. Congress organized a meeting of tribal MLAs and leaders in Bhopal. In this meeting, which lasted for about four hours, State President and former Chief Minister Kamal Nath listened to the MLAs and leaders from tribal-dominated districts. Most of the leaders said that this society should be given place in the organization in proportion to the population in the organization. On this, Kamal Nath said that a decision will be taken soon after considering your demand and suggestion.
Kamal Nath said that the BJP has hollowed out the tribals by serving them lies. They cannot be convinced sitting in Bhopal. For this you have to get on the field. This meeting was completely different in two respects. For the first time there were no speeches in a meeting. Only MLA Ashok Merscole came on stage and informed about the outline of the meeting. After this, the discussion started directly with the MLAs.
The former Chief Minister said that BJP is engaged in misleading the tribal class. BJP wants to play with the future of tribal youth by confusing them, but today's tribal class is not going to fall under any of its mischief. Congress has always been the well-wisher of the tribal class and will always be. In the meeting, including former Union Minister Kantilal Bhuria, former minister Bala Bachchan, 25 out of 29 tribal MLAs and officials of 22 districts were present.
Party sources say that for the first time Kamal Nath was present in a meeting for four hours. He gave enough time to every leader and worker to make his point. During this, MLA Dr. Hiralal Alawa said that the party should focus on tribal areas. For this it is necessary to create micro management. Similarly, Ashok Shah said that a big campaign should be launched to tell how BJP is misleading the tribal community. He also said that tribals should also get important posts in the organisation.

Tribal should be given ticket even on general seat
It was also demanded in the meeting that there are many general seats in the state where tribal leaders should be fielded according to the population. Here this community is a big factor in victory or defeat. Here the example of Balaghat, Bargi and Silwani assembly seats was also given. Dr. Ashok Merscole said that if the names of tribal leaders were forwarded on these three seats, the Congress would have benefited from it, but it was not done.

35 seats where Congress never won
It was also told in the meeting that 35 out of 230 seats in the state are such where Congress has never won elections. Why were tribal leaders not given a chance to contest in these seats? It was also said that there are 105 seats where the population of this society ranges from 15 to 40%. Keeping this in mind, representation should be given.

Modi and Shah have shown power: Efforts to reach out to the tribals are going on continuously. The Tribal Conference of Congress held recently was to show its strength to BJP; however Congress could not show anything amazing on that day. Tribals from all over the state were invited to the conference. Earlier on September 18, the BJP had organized a martyrdom day in Jabalpur, in which Union Home Minister Amit Shah attended. After Shah for 2023, Modi's visit left no stone unturned to woo the tribals.