UP: Sunday lockdown, OPD closed in all govt hospitals, Rs 1k fine for not wearing mask, LKO to get 1000-bed makeshift hospital


Lucknow, Apr 16 (UNI) Could be termed as a lockdown in the state on every Sunday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered closure of everything on each Sunday in all the urban and rural areas of the state.
"Closure of OPDs in all government hospitals in the state to control crowd and has directed the officials to set up a 1000-bedeed makeshift Covid hospital in the state capital, " the CM said.
CM announced that it is compulsory for everyone to wear masks in the state. " A fine of Rs 1000 should be imposed on the first time. If caught without a mask again, then penalty of ten times more should be imposed, " he said .He said there will be a weekly closure of all business establishments and other things on Sunday in all rural and urban areas of the state. Only sanitation, and emergency services will operate during this period. Necessary awareness works should also be done in this regard.
The directions were issued by CM during a virtual meeting of Team 11 here on Friday when he interacted with all the divisional commissioners, DMs and other officials concerned.
The CM said OPD services should be suspended in all government hospitals of the state. " At this time, congestion can increase infection. Teleconsultation should be promoted for OPD services.
Only emergency services should be operated in government hospitals. The event of Chief Minister Arogya Melas should be postponed till May 15," he said.
Mr Adityanath said a new 1000-bed Covid Hospital should be established in the capital Lucknow.
The Defense Expo venue may be a better place for this. Necessary action in this regard should be ensured immediately.
The CM said Government and private laboratories should work with full potential for the COVID test. Any negligence in this work is not acceptable. Rates have also been capped for covid testing. Ensure that these arrangements are implemented with District Administration Quality Control.
"KGMU, Balrampur Hospital and Cancer Institute of Lucknow were being made a dedicated Covid Hospital. This will provide better facilities for treatment of Covid patients. Similarly, Era Medical College, TS Mishra Medical College, Integral Medical College, Mayo Medical College and Hind Medical College have been declared fully dedicated Covid Hospital in Lucknow . All necessary arrangements should be ensured at the earliest. For emergency services, the operation of the trauma center in Lucknow should be maintained smoothly," he said.
The CM informed that UP has excellent experience of Covid management. "Our policy and policies have received global acclaim. Our victory in this battle of Covid-19 is certain. Every citizen of the state has an important role in it. Compliance with the Covid protocol is in everyone's interest. Masks, sanitization and physical distance have to be included in our lifestyle," he suggested.
The facilities and needs of the people residing in the home isolation should be taken care of. Medical kits containing all types of essential medicines should be made available to such patients. The medical kit must contain a minimum of one week of medicine. There is no shortage of medicines. This work should be reviewed every day.
He said in the Integrated Command and Control Center, every day DM, SP and CMO meet at the appointed time. Review the local situation and decide the strategy for the future. Take full care of the needs and problems of people living in hospital and home isolation. Continuous communication with patients through CM Helpline 1076. The position of every day should be conveyed to the Chief Minister's Office.
CM said in all the districts of the state, the work of sanitation, sanitization and fogging in rural and urban areas should be conducted as a campaign. The public should also be made aware of the importance of these works.
CM said continuous supply of oxygen to Covid hospitals of all districts is must. The control room set up by the Food Safety and Drug Administration Department in connection with the smooth supply of medical oxygen should remain active 24 × 7. Review oxygen availability daily. Adequate availability of medical personnel, covid beds, medicines, medical equipment and oxygen should always be maintained in every district. Ensure smooth operation of ambulance services. Make the government aware of any kind of need.
He said Department of Food Safety and Drug Administration should ensure adequate availability of Remedicivir. It should be monitored from the Chief Secretary's office. Additional Ramidisvir should be purchased while assessing the situation for the next one month.
Yogi Adityanath said last year, the MLA fund proved useful in the work related to the prevention of Covid. This year also, according to the rules of the Covid Care Fund, their funds can be used in Covid Management on the recommendation of the legislators.
He said that the first phase of panchayat elections was completed in a very peaceful manner. In areas where certain efforts have been made to spoil the atmosphere, strict legal action should be taken against those involved in it. This action will set an example for other phase elections.
" There is a need to strengthen the system in all 10 districts with high infection rates like Kanpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi. New Covid hospitals should be built according to local needs. The beds should be increased. The private hospital should be converted into a Covid hospital. Immediate United Medical College in Prayagraj to be converted into a dedicated Covid Hospital.
"Half of the 108 ambulances should be kept for the use of Covid patients only. There should be no delay in this work. Home isolation patients' facilities should be fully taken care of. The response time of the ambulance is minimized. Availability of oxygen and other medical needs should be ensured. Please inform the government immediately if there is any need.
The CM maintained that there is no shortage of funds for the work related to Covid management. Quarantine centers should be operated in all districts. The quarantine centers should have proper medical facilities as well as proper arrangements for food and sleeping. With a view to keeping the spread of infection to a minimum, it is extremely important that the provisions of the containment zone be strictly implemented.