Upper Lake less than half feet short of FTL


Bhopal: The water level of Upper Lake, which is called the life line of Bhopal, has reached 1666.45 feet. The level has increased due to 2-3 days of rain. The lake is now only 0.41 feet short of full tank level (FTL). The gates of Bhadbhada Dam will open as soon as it reaches FTL and water will increase in Kaliasot Dam. On the other hand, Kolar Dam is 10.5 feet short of FTL. Due to the rain in Sehore district, the water level is increasing continuously.
The full tank level of Upper Lake is 1666.86 feet. It has 365 sq km catchments area. Out of this, 225 sq km is filled by the Kolans River. Therefore, whenever there is good rain in Sehore district, water comes in the Kolans river, which reaches Upper Lake. For the past few days, it has been raining in Sehore district and the catchment area of the lake. Due to this there is an influx of water into the lake.

Kaliasot Dam 9 feet short of FTL
There are a total of 11 gates in Bhadbhada Dam, which open after filling up of Upper Lake. Its water reaches Kaliasot Dam. The water holding capacity of Kaliasot Dam is 1659 feet. At present it has 1649.93 feet of water. That is, about 9 feet more water is needed. There are 13 gates of Kaliasot Dam, which will open after full filling.

Kolar dam needs 10.5 feet of water
To reach the full tank level, the Kolar Dam needs about 10 and a half feet more water. Its total water holding capacity is 1516 feet and so far 1505.41 feet of water has been stored in it. Kolar Dam in-charge Harsha Jainwal told that after the rain in the catchment area, water is coming into the dam.