Vaccination should be done at war level, corona not being tested


Figures of dead are being hidden, Kamal Nath-s letter to CM

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The stage of the state is constantly deteriorating in the second wave of infection of the Corona epidemic. According to government statistics, the total cases of corona infection are more than six lakh and the number of active patients is around 90 thousand.
Even after this, neither the corona is being tested nor is the report coming on time. The figures of the dead are also being hidden. This is making the situation worse. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has said this in a letter to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. He suggested buying vaccines for vaccination at war level. He said that by not putting the real situation in front of the public, he could not understand the magnitude of the Corona crisis. Whether it is a city or a village, investigation is not being done. Reports are not being received even in four to five days. In such a situation, the person keeps moving around and there is a risk of increasing the infection. To save from this situation, the government should direct that whatever investigation it wants to do, it should be investigated. Its figures should also be released at the state level. The place of hiding the figures of the dead should be made public because the reality of crematoriums and cemeteries is not hidden from anyone. This will make the common people aware and take extra vigilance. Corona vaccines should be applied on a war footing. There is a shortage of vaccines at most centers. People are being returned from many places while this is the only option to fight against Corona.

More than 20 percent positivity rate worrisome
Former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh has written a letter to Shivraj. He has said that the uncontrolled epidemic and the persistence of infection rate of more than 20 percent in Madhya Pradesh is a matter of concern. According to government statistics, more than 12 thousand new infections are being found in Madhya Pradesh every day. While in reality their number is many times more. He said it is difficult to estimate the actual situation due to lack of adequate testing and increasing infection in rural areas. Digvijay has given many suggestions to Shivraj for control of Corona in rural areas.