“Why ED and CBI not investigating Tamil Nadu CM on corruption” : Rahul


Karur, Jan 25 (UNI) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday lashed out at the Centre for not investigating corruption in Tamil Nadu, while using the CBI and Enforcement Directorate to attack the Opposition.
“Tamil Nadu government is controlled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Thousands of Crores of Rupees has been taken by the government from the people of Tamil Nadu. In every single opposition State, Mr Modi uses CBI and ED to attack the opposition,” Mr Gandhi alleged. 
“Why has the investigation into corruption in Tamil Nadu stopped. Why is ED and CBI not investigating Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Eddapadi K Palaniswami.
What has Tamil Nadu Chief Minister given to Mr.Modi in exchange for this?. That is the central question,” the former Congress President said while addressing an election campaign at Chinnadharapuram in this district.
He said Prime Minister feels just because he has the remote control of the Government of Tamil Nadu, he has the remote control of Tamils. 
He (Mr.Modi) does not realise that in the coming elections, the people of Tamil Nadu will take the battery out of his remote control and throw it away. 
“I am here to help you to elect a government that protects the interests of poor people, weak people, farmers, weavers, labourers and peasants.” 
Mr Modi works for five to six big industrialists. Everything he does is to help those five to six people to improve their financial position. Demonitisation, GST, the way the Prime Minister works during Corona everything is designed to help those industrialists.
You ask anybody in Tamil Nadu whether demonetisation and GST helped him. Every single person's answer is “no.” The idea is to break the backbone of the small and medium businesses. The idea is to break the backbone of the Indian farmers and to make the Indian labourers into slaves.
All to make the five to six people happy. That is why he (Mr.Modi) has the remote control of your Chief Minister.
Did Tamil Nadu Chief Minister condemn demonetisation, did he call it rubbish. Did Mr Palaniswami have guts to say GST is nonsense, to say we don’t want five different taxes, we want one tax, minimum tax?
No. Because in the past he allegedly did corruption. Why should one man’s past destroy your future, Mr Gandhi said.