Women empowerment should also betheme of films: CM


  • Film production in Madhya Pradesh will be encouraged

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal,
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Madhya Pradesh will fully support the filmmakers of the country and abroad for meaningful film production. Be it a feature film or a documentary, if its theme is women empowerment or other societal theme, then the state government will give full encouragement for that. Tax exemption facility can also be given to such films.

Chief Minister Chouhan said this during a discussion with Sushri Shweta Rai, Madhya Pradesh’s daughter and the director and writer associated with filmmaking in Hollywood, who called on him today. 

On this occasion, Sushri Shweta's father Prof. Surendra Kumar Rai, Mother Smt. Anita Rai and former Minister Sanjay Pathak were present. Sushri Shweta Rai is a native of Kymore in Katni district.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that empowerment of women characters has been given prominence in films. Even today, in our society, women have accomplished in various fields and displayed their capable leadership and performance. In the recent Corona period, self-help groups of women in Madhya Pradesh played an important role in protecting large populations from Corona infection by making face masks and sanitizer. 

Such themes can be the basis of feature and documentary films. Sushri Rai told Chief Minister Chouhan that she has produced a film with 10 prominent women at the centre, which include Dr. Saumya Swaminathan who collaborated in vaccine for protection from Covid in India and the first pilot Sushri Swati Rawal.

Chief Minister Chouhan appreciated this effort of Sushri Shweta. Chief Minister Chouhan said that Principal Secretary Culture Sheo Shekhar Shukla has been entrusted with the responsibility of film production in the state and providing necessary support to the filmmakers. He will also take necessary action on the proposal received in relation to Sushri Shweta's film production project.

About filmmaker Sushri Shweta Rai

Madhya Pradesh's daughter Shweta Rai graduated from the Government Excellence College in Bhopal and obtained a Master's degree in the United States. 

She has collaborated with leading Hollywood filmmakers to produce various films in the last 10 years. Sushri Shweta has urged Hollywood filmmakers to produce films at major locations in Madhya Pradesh. 

Sushri Shweta is also keen to bring key features of Madhya Pradesh to Hollywood through filmmaking. A film made by her has also been nominated for an Oscar Award. Sushri Shweta is currently residing in Los Angeles.

“A Pandemic Away from the Mother Lands” is a film made by her during lockdown period. Shweta is the founder and CEO of Indo Holly Films.